Will Homeowners Insurance Pay for Raccoon Damage?

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Homeowners insurance policies don’t usually cover vermin damage such as damage caused by rodents. But the raccoon is not a rodent – right? And from what I’ve seen, most residential and commercial insurance policies do cover raccoon damage.

Even if your insurance company rejects your claim for coverage, I suggest you don’t give up that easily. I’ve seen a lot of cases where the insurance agent will say that the raccoon damage will not be covered, or when the initial filed claim gets rejected by the insurance company, but they still end up paying for the damage if you have the patience to go through the motions. I know about these cases because people ask for my assistance sometimes. I can give the homeowner an official written report of the damage. And it looks like going this extra mile highly increases the chances of the insurance company giving you the coverage.

Check online to see what are some appropriate steps that you can take in order to ensure that your homeowners insurance will pay for any raccoon damage. Like I said, they usually do pay for it, or end up paying for it if you’re persistent. Good luck!

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