Raccoons in the kitchen cabinets

Hi David, I used your helpful site for catching our coons, thought you would be interested in some of my pics and story For the past month we have been dealing with raccoons wreaking havoc in the middle of the night every night. Yesterday we finally got them all out. Last night was the first good night of sleep we have had. We hired the Critter Cop to come set a trap. He caught a juvenile male within hours. A day later I walked in my kitchen to find 4 baby raccoons hanging out above my cabinets. I'm wondering Do Raccoon Open Doors and Windows? The young were hungry and thirsty they pried a blue junction box out of the ceiling and crawled down. The mom was nowhere to be found and the only explanation we came up with is that she was hit by a car or died somehow because they don’t abandon their babies. They do however kick out the babies once they can fend for themself which is how the the juvenile male got there. They got in the house from a hole in the soffit. The Criiter Cop took 2 and we took the other 2 babies to a raccoon rehabber as you know babies cannot regulate their body heat, which means that if we released them in the woods they would die. This was a very aggravating & educational experience thanks for posting guidelines for raccoon removal. Thanks.

My response: Thank you for the interesting story and photos!