Raccoon Domestication

Raccoons are not really wild animals. They are urban animals. Raccoons are FAR more common in cities and suburbs than they are in undeveloped natural areas. Just like rats. Thus, raccoon-human encounters are very common. Raccoons are smart, curious, and agile, and they are reproducing quickly in many cities, leading to raccoon infestations in several areas.

I got this email from a reader, along with this photograph:

Hi there so I have a racoon that is spending it's days on my back deck he lays in a chair and sleeps all day. I can go out and sit very close to him and have a cigarette and he really dose not seem to care. If I try hard I can scare him off but he will not run away very quickly and he is not scared . He is very healthy and really dose not show any signs that he is sick but he refuses to leave ? Any ideas do you think he may be sick ?

I responded with:

It seems to me that raccoons are basically becoming domesticated, like the way wolves became dogs. But I can't comment on the health or safety of this particular animal.

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